Hope you are enjoying the middle of the week.

I had a good weekend with my family, spending some time in the countryside.  Ever since reading a hilarious article about fruit picking, I was ambivalent about the whole thing, but I figured I would give it a try.  Apparently, Patterson is the place to go when it comes to apple-picking.  Some of our friends who grew up in Cleveland said, “I’ve been going to Patterson’s every year since I was a kid.”  So we had to go check it out.

First, we stopped by our favorite burger joint, B-Spot.

Getting ready to eat.

Saya and her best friend.

Each of them doing their thing.

We saw a cool flea market on the way.

I love old glasses.

We found two nice props for craft fairs for dirt cheap, so we’re psyched.

Finally arrived at Patterson’s Fruit Farm!

Tired of driving!

Actually, more riding.

Reminded me of Trick or Treating.


After finishing up with fruit picking, we headed over to the market.

The popcorn was amazingly delicious.

Chug that cider!

You can see that they are good friends.

Classic fall colors.

We had lots of fun, and I hope you are enjoying the beautiful season too.